2016/17 Committee


Meet This Years Committee!

L-R: Danielle Drew (Secretary), Fergus Quill (Musical Director), Rich Hodgson (President) and Elliot Crouch (Treasurer)

LUU Big Band 2016/17

This year’s band, it’s going to be a very good year!

Trumpet 1 – Dan Coulthurst
Trumpet 2 – Rich Hodgson
Trumpet 3 – Sam Rosenbach
Trumpet 4 – George Pierson
Trumpet 5 – Ed Harrison

Trombone 1 – Elliot Crouch
Trombone 2 – Charlie Knighton
Trombone 3 – Lewis Hammond
Trombone 4 – Alex Barrie

Alto Sax 1 – Jasmine Whalley
Alto Sax 2 – Danielle Drew
Tenor Sax 1 – Paul Smith
Tenor Sax 2 – Olivia Rome
Baritone Sax – Sarah Austen

Guitar – Elliot Wenman
Bass – Dave Edwards
Keyboard – Joe Whelan
Drums and Percussion – Chris Cox and James Law

Male Vocal – Michael Ahomka Lindsay
Female Vocal – Mared Williams

Tour de France 2015

We’re going on tour to Bergerac once again this year, and will be playing the following gigs. We hope to see lots of smiling faces!

Wednesday 1st April at 21h00 Salle des Fêtes de St Vivien

Thursday 2nd April at 19h00 SSAFA, Salle des Fontaines, Castillones

Saturday 4th April from 19h00 Eymet Cricket Club, Salle Polyvalente, St Colomb-de-Lauzun

Sunday 5th April at 20h00 Monte Cristo Restaurant (Castillones/Villeréal rd.)

1930s Big Band Bonanza.. Tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow, Thursday 6th February from 9pm, for a 1930s Big Band Bonanza at the HiFi club. We’ll be sharing the stage with the brilliant LCM Big Band, after which you can stick around for DJ Duo Jenova Collective, who will bring us back up to date with some swing-influenced floor shakers to round off the night. Dress to impress!

Live at the Brudenell…

Brudenell Poster FINAL

Don’t miss out on our upcoming gig with the brilliant Oxford University Jazz Orchestra. We’ll be performing at the legendary Brudenell Social Club in the heart of Hyde Park.

Tickets are available online HERE! You can also buy tickets from members of the band; we’ll have a stall in LUU on Monday 17th and Friday 21st Feb. See you there!

Tour de France 2014

We’ve started to make plans for our eagerly awaited annual tour to France over Easter – we’ll be leaving Leeds on Monday 14th April for a week of gigs and general French frolics. Below you can see all the dates and venues for the week, poster beautifully designed by Jenny Wright.


The Band 2013 / 14

We are pleased to announce the line up for LUU Big Band 2013 / 14:


Lead Alto – Dom Pusey (MD)
Alto 2 – Jack Firmin
Tenor 1 – John Pearmain
Tenor 2 – Becky Sumerling (President)
Bari – Lucy Kier


Laurence Marshall (MD)
Alex De Little
Alex Barie
Jacob Connor


Tom Hurst
James Gregg (Treasurer)
Peter Yelland-Brown
Ciaran Diston


Keys – Ed Rice
Guitar – Tom Kitson
Bass – Max Kahn
Drums – Matt Fletcher


David Pegna (Secretary)
Loucin Moskofian


Sorry to everyone else who auditioned, it’s been great seeing so many talented musicians but there were only a limited number of seats in the band. Look out for gigs and jam sessions coming soon – it will all be advertised here on the facebook page and on our website at www.luubigband.com.

LUU Big Band x

Auditions 2013

We’ll be at the Fresher’s Fair in LUU on Monday 23rd September, so come and sign up for an audition! These will be held the following weekend from Friday 27th – Sunday 29th September.

Each year the whole band re-auditions to ensure the best players make it into the line up. For the audition you don’t need to prepare anything – you’ll be asked to sight read a few sections from two or three pieces from our repertoire, followed by a short bit of improvisation.

If you can’t make it to Fresher’s Fair, be sure to email us at luubigband@gmail.com so that we can fit you in.

Hope to see you soon! LUUBB x

Tour de France

We are currently preparing for our annual Tour De France! We will be playing gigs in the South of France between the 2nd and 10th April 2012. Please get in touch for tickets or if you’d like more info. We’re looking forward to seeing our usual fans in France next week! Please see the poster below for dates and venues!

Tour 2012

Info for New Committee positions 2012/13

AGM 2012 – Prospective Committee Info

Being part of of the committee is a rewarding opportunity and is your chance to shape the future of the society and band. We encourage as many people as possible to run for a position, if it’s something you’d like to do! This information is for anyone thinking of running for a committee position to give you more info.

About the Band

LUU Dance Band (Big Band) is a student led society within Leeds University Union and as such we operate under their constitution and are supported by a team within the organisation. The band is now in its 23rd year and are enjoying a successful year which includes a brand new album and many gigs.

Executive electable positions: Other positions (non electable)

President Musical Director x 2 Treasurer

General Requirements & Info

  • You must be a student (and in 2012/13) to run for executive positions
  • Musical directors are chosen by the current committee
  • If you would like to run for an executive position and are not currently a member of the band please contact the current president – applications are welcome for anyone and these will not be viewed any differently to those that come from within the band
  • The new committee is elected at the AGM which will be held on Friday 6th April in Bergerac, France
  • The new committee ‘handover’ will take place after the AGM, date TBC

    Requirements for President:

  • Whether you are currently in the band or not, you should write a manifesto outlining why you feel you would be suitable for the role, including any relevant experience and your vision for the band
  • The manifestos will be distributed to members before the AGM and should be emailed to Email Us by the 21st March 2012.
  • If you are a current member of the band you will be required to deliver a speech at the AGM and be prepared to answer questions from current members
  • If you are not a current member of the band you will need to submit a speech to be delivered by proxy at the AGM. This must be emailed to Email Us by 31st March 2012.
  • In this situation, current members can ask candidates questions after reading their manifesto. Questions should be emailed to Email Us by 24th March and will be passed on to prospective candidates. Questions and answers will be read out at the AGM, and answers should also be emailed by the 31st March 2012.

    Requirements for Musical Directors:

● You should submit a short statement, by the 31st March that includes (but is not limited to) the


  • Why you would like the role.
  • Why you consider yourself suitable for the role.
  • Any relevant experience you have.
  • Your musical vision for the band and your personal musical influences/achievements.
  • Your thoughts and ideas on developing a band that might not be as strong as this year.

    Requirements for Secretary & Treasurer:

  • If you are a member of the band you should be prepared to deliver a speech at the AGM outlining why you consider yourself suitable for the role.
  • If you are not a current member you will need to submit a speech be delivered by proxy at the AGM.

    Good luck, and be sure to approach whoever is in the role currently so you get a full idea of what is involved, and so that you can pose any questions prior to putting yourself forward.