2016/17 Committee


Meet This Years Committee!

L-R: Danielle Drew (Secretary), Fergus Quill (Musical Director), Rich Hodgson (President) and Elliot Crouch (Treasurer)

LUU Big Band 2016/17

This year’s band, it’s going to be a very good year!

Trumpet 1 – Dan Coulthurst
Trumpet 2 – Rich Hodgson
Trumpet 3 – Sam Rosenbach
Trumpet 4 – George Pierson
Trumpet 5 – Ed Harrison

Trombone 1 – Elliot Crouch
Trombone 2 – Charlie Knighton
Trombone 3 – Lewis Hammond
Trombone 4 – Alex Barrie

Alto Sax 1 – Jasmine Whalley
Alto Sax 2 – Danielle Drew
Tenor Sax 1 – Paul Smith
Tenor Sax 2 – Olivia Rome
Baritone Sax – Sarah Austen

Guitar – Elliot Wenman
Bass – Dave Edwards
Keyboard – Joe Whelan
Drums and Percussion – Chris Cox and James Law

Male Vocal – Michael Ahomka Lindsay
Female Vocal – Mared Williams

Tour de France 2015

We’re going on tour to Bergerac once again this year, and will be playing the following gigs. We hope to see lots of smiling faces!

Wednesday 1st April at 21h00 Salle des FĂȘtes de St Vivien

Thursday 2nd April at 19h00 SSAFA, Salle des Fontaines, Castillones

Saturday 4th April from 19h00 Eymet Cricket Club, Salle Polyvalente, St Colomb-de-Lauzun

Sunday 5th April at 20h00 Monte Cristo Restaurant (Castillones/Villeréal rd.)

1930s Big Band Bonanza.. Tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow, Thursday 6th February from 9pm, for a 1930s Big Band Bonanza at the HiFi club. We’ll be sharing the stage with the brilliant LCM Big Band, after which you can stick around for DJ Duo Jenova Collective, who will bring us back up to date with some swing-influenced floor shakers to round off the night. Dress to impress!